22.11.18 : Sarah Hennies -

Sarah Hennies presenta Falsetto.

Da Lateral Addition, 2016:
“Falsetto is a strange, physically difficult, fumbling, deliberately incompetent (or maybe a different type of expert) performance played almost entirely with small bells found at thrift stores, purchased with the criteria that they must in some way sound unusual or broken or just “not nice,” and also that they cost less than $5 each. The sound of the bells is great. When layered, it’s a complex, weird, and unpredictable sound made with exceedingly humble means – literally just jostling a bunch of crap around that I found at Goodwill. However, the content and performance of the piece may cause some feelings of uncertainty and confusion in the unassuming spectator. One unhappy concert reviewer went so far as to say, “I thought I didn’t understand percussive theory anymore. Hell, I thought I didn’t understand music anymore.”


  • Sarah_Hennies

    Sarah Hennies (US)

    Sarah Hennies (Louisville, 1979) è compositrice e percussionista di base a Ithaca, NY. ...


Parte della rassegna Ascolti Verticali
a cura di Gaspare Caliri e MU
in collaborazione con Kilowatt
ore 21:30
Serre dei Giardini Margherita
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